Ultimate Back to School Guide to Save $$$

Back to school time seems to come around quicker and quicker each year.

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According to studies on Deloitte’s website back-to-school (B2S) season is the second-biggest shopping season of the year, next to Christmas with 29 million households across the United States planning to spend a total of $27.6 billion.  Parents are expected to spend on average $510 this season per child.  Throughout the years I have saved money on school supplies, clothing, etc. by utilizing the list below..

  1. Make a list (only buy what you need) sticking to your list will keep you on budget. Click on this link to print out my checklist you can use to start planning your back to school shopping.ULTIMATE BACK TO SCHOOL GUIDE TO SAVING $$$ CHECKLIST
  2. Do a closet sweep (hidden treasures can save you money) keep any clothing that is in good condition, fits and can continue to be worn. Rotate these items in with newer clothing further into the school year.  Sell all other clothing that are in good condition but no longer fit on eBay or donate. I have been able to purchase school clothing on eBay, allow my child to get great use out of it for the current school year; then turn around and sell it back on eBay either for the same price or sometimes for more as a result allowing me to clothe my child for FREE or was paid to clothe them (now that’s food for thought.)
  3. Look for discounted gift cards online for your favorite stores, purchase them from 3rd party websites such as www.cardpool.com that allow cardholders to sell their gift cards for a fraction of the face value.
  4. Shop end-of-summer sales
  5. Check out social media for coupons
  6. Use cash or cash back rewards credit cards (that will be paid off immediately)
  7. Go green for lunch (prepare meal plans in advance with a school lunch meal planner) instead of purchasing school lunches. DOWNLOAD SCHOOL LUNCH MEAL PLANNER HERE!
  8. Take advantage of local supply drives.  Locally every year there are several supply drives in the city where we live.  Most likely they have them in your city as well; check social media websites and pages for your local news and radio stations for announcements.  The drives are usually open to the public (not just low-income families) and the supplies are normally donated by larger companies and or individuals as a benefit for the entire community.  Receiving supplies from these donation drives can cut your school supply list in half or more and provide you with leftover items for the following year.

Do not let back-to-school shopping take you by surprise by waiting til the last minute.  Purchasing bundle packages from Amazon or your local store retailer can save you money as well. Use the above list to help you not only save money but get ahead of the game (literally!)  Remember soon this too shall come to pass and the kids will be back in school, and the refrigerator can get a break.

Arrive at the head of your class start shopping now by ordering a bundle pack from Amazon…


Amazon School Supply Bundle Pack Grades K-8

Amazon School Supply Bundle Pack High School






Print out the list and the planner above and start planning NOW!!!

Back 2 School Back 2 the Basics.


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