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Paycheck Budget Form

Having a hard time managing bill payment on time?   Then you will love this form. Like a lot of working 9 to 5 Americans it was difficult for me to budget effectively for an entire month, when in actuality I was paid twice a month.  This form lets you break down you budget to match your payment schedule, therefore, putting things in prospective on a smaller more manageable level.  Use this form along with the Bills at a Glance form to be on your way to preparing the best spending plan you have ever completed.

Bills at a Glance Worksheet

This worksheet is a one-stop location to list all of your bills so that you can use them to develop your spending plan. List one bill per line under “bill name,” then list the due date, and the amount due under corresponding columns. Under the column marked “order number,”  is where you will numerically order the bills by due day of the month (ex. Mortgage is due on the 1st of each month so it’s numerical order would be #1.)   Click here to see an example of how to complete the form.

Christmas Gift Budget Worksheet

Christmas can be a trying time for any budget. Use this worksheet to organize your gifts and put together a plan so that you don’t go over budget. Read this post where I explain how and why I start planning and buying gifts for Christmas every summer in July.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Part of saving money is making sure that you keep your car well maintained so that it doesn’t break down due to lack of maintenance. This list will keep you on track to make sure you never miss another oil change or tire rotation again.